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Jingle Stick

Jingle Stick

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The Jingle Stick is the result of the rapid evolution of the tambourine, and is especially popular in educational and therapeutic settings where small hands or those with limited mobility can play along to music and rhythms.  This instrument is adorned with steel alloy jingles and can be played using the same technique as a tambourine, but is much lighter in weight and easier to play.

Children can learn to play quick rhythmic patterns easily without requiring the same formal techniques required to play the traditional tambourine.  This instrument makes it possible for children to participate in many musical activities even with limited musical skill and experience.  It can be used to teach children to identify the pulse of music by playing a song and then having them play jingle sticks along with the beat.  Jingle sticks can be played by a group and create basic polyrhythms; children start playing jungle sticks at different time based on the same metronome clicks. 

IQ Plus Jingle Stick Features:

-  IQ Plus jingle sticks produce the same sound as a tambourine but is much more light weight (0.06kg)

-  Constructed of environmentally friendly rubber wood with chrome plated steel alloy jingles

-  Specially designed for ease in gripping and in the ideal sizes for children’s hands

-  Very easy to play and has excellent educational qualities

 Size: 20 cm

Suitable for children aged 3 years and over