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Eco Bubble Wand Ladybug

Eco Bubble Wand Ladybug

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Turn playtime into a dreamy, hypnotic adventure. Take out the magic potion and watch it transform into a kaleidoscope of captured colours. One bubble, two bubbles, three bubbles, POP!

Their laughs will echo out as they create and chase their floating bubbles. Watch as each bubble dips and flies on its spellbinding travels.

“Did that one reach the clouds?” “Let’s see who’s can blow the biggest bubble!”

The classic competitions you remember from your yesteryears will be rehashed and reshaped.

Each bubble will entrance and charm their imagination taking them from their backyard to a place among the stars.

Each wave of the wand and their creations will come alive with stories to share. All Eco Bubble Wand shapes are inspired by nature, find the one just right for your barefoot kinfolk.

Bubble play is a beautiful, immersive way to nurture sensory learning and motor skills, while establishing hand preference, encouraging imagination and language skills to describe the enchanted world they are creating.

Natural, safe and locally sourced, you can buy with confidence knowing each piece comes with a story of sustainability. Time to shape their playtime with a magical sparkling of bubbles.

Each wand is made from recycled saw mill wood dust and plant based biodegradable plastic