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Mini Cymbal Set

Mini Cymbal Set

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 IQ Plus mini cymbals create bright, resonating tones when played.  They are often used as part of a larger band in certain musical situations.  Constructed from high quality copper, these cymbals product crystal clear tones that project clearly over loud music.  

IQ Plus mini cymbals are used to teach children about timing in music.  Since it is a rather seldom-used sound, they are stimulated to perfect the right moment to play the instrument as is dictated by the music.  This instrument also encourages creativity and allows children to experiment with the different situations that it can be used in.   


IQ Plus Mini Cymbals Features: 


-  An excellent instrument for children to learn timing in music

-  Constructed of high quality copper, strongly attached with nylon rope 

-  Very durable and easy to play


Size: 5.5cm

Suitable for children aged 3 years and over